Lotus Health & Wellness Spa offers exfoliation and a wide array of wraps. Wraps assist in the removal of impurities, dull cells on the skin’s surface and rough-textured skin. They can also help improve circulation. Indulge in scrubs prepared from the natural goodness of fresh fruits, Indian herbs, sea salt and pure essential oils. The therapeutic properties of these scrubs will cleanse, moisturize and refresh your skin, leaving you with a natural glow.

Sugar and Tamarind Scrub $150/ 60 minutes

Cane sugar crystals are soaked in a sparkling blend of citrus oils and pure tamarind pulp to add a therapeutic dimension to this scrub. It’s ideal for removing impurities from the skin and providing nutrients that help regenerate healthy skin cells.

Detoxifying Scrubs $145/ 60 minutes

Essential oils of rose, infused with natural sea salt, are used to scrub the body. Your skin is uplifted, detoxified and stimulated as impurities are scrubbed away.

Beautifying Scrub $135/ 60 minutes

Lotus combines sandalwood and turmeric to exfoliate your skin and create a glowing complexion. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties that work wonders in the deep cleansing of your skin’s pores.

Lime and Ginger Scrub

A mixture of lime juice and pink ginger is used to soothe and deep-cleanse the entire body, while a calming full-body massage helps renew the senses. The fresh lime fragrance helps you overcome exhaustion and depression as it stimulates your aching muscles and pains.

Organic Body Orange Scrub $150/ 60 minutes

This scrub combines the benefits of sweet almond oil with organic herb, orange peel and jiggery. This blend gently cleanses your skin without depleting its natural moisture.

French Rose Mud Wrap $150/ 60 minutes

Mud is one of the greatest natural sources for minerals. During your treatment, you will breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside. Ideal for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin, this wrap will help you feel smooth, soft and spotlessly refreshed.

Black Baltic Body Mud $150/ 60 minutes

This unique mud helps to improve skin texture. Regular use impacts freshness firmness to the skin. It deeply hydrates your skin. Excellent for attracting and absorbing toxins.

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