The Hot Earth Stone Massage at Lotus is the ultimate healing massage.  Based on the best of ancient stone rituals, current hot-stone-massagescientific understanding and innovative connective bodywork, Hot Earth Stone Massages are the most requested massage specialty in the Jersey Shore. It is a extremely relaxing, incredibly balancing, and an ultimately therapeutic massage.

Very smooth, heated Basalt Earth Stones are used in a full body massage that provides many therapeutic benefits. The heat from the earth stones penetrates the body, inducing a deeply relaxed state and an almost enchanted release of muscle tension. Fascial restrictions melt with the heat and pressure of the stones.  Circulation and lymph flow increases. The deep relaxation, maximum release of muscle tension and postural holding, and enhanced feeling of well-being create an effect unmatched by any other massage modality.

Hot Earth Stone Massage is truly the ultimate massage.

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The best stones for Hot Earth Stone Massage are Basalt, which happen to be one of the most plentiful stones on the planet. Basalt, a type of igneous rock, was shaped over thousands of years, deep inside the earth at very high temperatures and under intense pressure. According to many geologists, this process created rock with geometric crystals that fit tightly together. Through volcanic and other geological activity, the basalt rock reached the earth’s surface, cooled, and solidified into a compressed stone capable of retaining heat for prolonged periods.

Heat-retaining ability is only one important property of optimum earth massage stones. These stones must also be very smooth. For a stone to become smooth to the extent that we need it, it had to be washed by water for hundreds, even thousands of years in a river, lake or ocean. Size and shape are also an essential aspect for perfect massage stones. They need to be appropriate sizes and shapes for their individual function.

The stones that we use and provide for the Lotus’ Hot Earth Stone Massage are quality basalt stones that are handpicked from Pacific beaches and Caribbean shores. When they arrive at the Lotus Health & Wellness Spa, they are sorted by our Massage specialists who separate size, shape and smoothness. They are then washed and sterilized in boiling water, and again sorted so that only the very best stones are selected for sets. All single stones (heart, belly, sacrum and third eye) are carefully selected for their function. All the paired stones (toe, spinal, face and body) are carefully paired so each has at least one equal partner in terms of size, shape and appearance.