Reduce your sun spots, age spots and more, safely and effectively, with the power of SRA Color Correction. Dr. Anjali Verma and the team of experts at Lotus Health & Wellness Spa can help you look great with minimal downtime.

SRA Color Correction Delivers Clearer Skin!

With our treatments, SRA combines light energy with radio frequency (RF) energy to remove only pigmented and vascular lesions within the skin. The surrounding skin remains unharmed, so you will experience less discomfort than other procedures. The process occurs as follows:

  • Light energy (Intense Pulsed Light) directly preheats the targeted tissue, either pigmented irregularities or vascular lesions
  • The heated tissue then attracts the radio frequency energy, which further elevates the temperature
  • The heating destroys the targeted tissue, improving the appearance of the skin

With the proven technology of SRA color correction, we can treat a wide range of conditions, including age spots, sun spots, spider veins, rosacea and more. You’ll achieve clearer looking skin and get the confidence that goes along with knowing you look your best.

Lotus Health & Wellness Spa is proud to offer SRA Color Correction to our customers. Schedule an appointment to see if SRA is right for you—contact us or call 732.219.8699 today.

SRA Color Correction Clinical Results