Lotus Yoga Mission Statement

It is our goal to create a home away from home for our community where you can relax and recharge. Lotus Health and Wellness Spa is your space. A place where you can come to reconnect with the true Self, the space within you that is ever calm and peaceful. This space exists within each of us. We merely need to connect with it. At Lotus Health And Wellness, we offer you this space so that you may strengthen and recharge the body, relax the mind, and reconnect to the peace within. Our hope is that you can take the peace with you, off your mat and into the rest of your life and the world., effecting change one person at a time.

Monday And Friday 1 Hour Class


Mondays: Book 4 Classes For $40.00

Wednesday 1 1/2 Hour Class


Wednesday: Book 4 Classes For $50.00

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Book all classes for $115.00 and get a free massage

Walk ins Welcome $15.00

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